Collection dossier

Starting $500 usd

This document is the most important part of a collection, after the actual artworks.

It contains all the documents that guarantee that each piece is legitimate, authentic and original. The documents are:


​1.-COA: certificates of authenticity of each work.

2.- Biographical information of the artists in the collection.

3.- Purchase receipts.

4.- Valuations carried out by authorities.

5.- Registration of previous owners.

6.- Publications about the work or the artist.

7.- Catalogues.

8.- Public records of the work.

9.- Condition reports.

10.- Loan applications.


Our team will gather all the information necessary to preserve your collection and its value. Once this is done, RF will revise all the documents to make sure everything is up to date.



The estimated price is for 5 pieces. For each extra piece: $80.