Advisory services for collectors

One of our main goals in RF is to support you in every step of becoming a professional collector. What are these steps?


1.- Defining the type of art you want to collect.

2.- Selecting the best artists and works that meet the estimated budget.

3.- Investigating the works and artists that were selected. Make sure the works are authentic and original.

4.- Negotiate.

5.- Buy.

6.- Manage your collection.



Virtual initial consultation: $200 usd.

In this first virtual consultation, the client's interests and budget will be disclosed. Your personal tastes and goals will be shared.

Initial on-site consultation: $250 usd.

In this consultation, the space for which the piece is being searched for will be known. Here we will also talk about the budget and the type of work that is being sought.​


Research and artistic proposal: $150 usd (per hour of research)

Our team, based on the previously shared information, will carry out an investigation of the possible works. This research will be delivered as an artistic presentation with renderings and information on both the artist and the work.