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Lot 103A: Bird head in Egg Urs Fischer 2012 Plaster 12.5 x 17 x 10 cm Estimate: €819 – €1.228,00 Sold at €1.225,48

Lot 103B: Nail Duo Urs Fischer 2012 Mixed media sculpture 194 x 192 x 60 cm Estimate: €81.650,00 – €116.643,00 Sold at €73.359,09

Silent auction
As mentioned in the guide, this little game is to see if you are aware of the average prices of Urs Fischer, one of the star artists featured in the guide. 
Have fun!
Please write down your bid before clicking Read more on each lot to see the results.

Thank you for sharing your bid with us!

Now feel free to explore the results section by clicking Read more...If your bid was not close enough then I have news for you... you need me as your personal art advisor!​

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